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Do you develop websites as well or just design?

We design websites. A website platform is used, and we design the website to fit your particular needs. Once the website is completed you have 2 options: 1. We give you all rights to do as you please with your wesbite without interferance from Designs by Chereese. This means once all information is transferred to the customer we CANNOT make any changes, updates, or customizations. From this point on you maintain your website. 2. Designs by Chereese runs the website on behalf of you. Hence, if anything needs to be changed, updated, deleted, etc., it will be done by Designs by Chereese.

What is included in the wedding package?

  • Menu Cards
  • Programs
  • Save the Dates
  • Invitations
  • Response Cards
  • Table Cards
You can customize this package to fit your needs.

How long does it take to complete a website?

It depends on the website and the functions of the website, as well as the response time from the customer. We don't take on any projects that needs to be done in less than 30 days.

Do you have any say in the design process?

The motto for Designs by Chereese is, "Bringing your vision to light". The goal is to let the customer bring what they had in mind, however; there is the option for Designs by Chereese to freelance or take the basis of what was presented and freestyle off of that. 3 options will be presented if the customer chooses this option.


Hours of Operation:

Sunday - Friday 12pm-5pm

Saturday CLOSED

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